Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Technical Difficulties

Momee has been having loads of problems loading pictures of me on the blogspot over the past 6 weeks... so rather than complain, here is the link to the more recent photos of me.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Running Track at the Stadium

Twas a fine evening in Jul, when momee and dadee decided to get me into the groove of exercising to stay healthy. They took me to the stadium for a little run.When for no apparent reason after about 15 minutes, momee yelped and when Dadee and Ntie Fei saw... they started laughing. Do I look like a comedian to you?! Wassamatta????

Wassamatta???? Geez just because I am a child, they think I do not understand... Wassamatta???? MY RIGHT FOOTMY LEFT FOOT

Baptism on the 08Jul07

9 month update :
Weight :9.060 kg
Head Circumference: 44cm
Height : 70cm

On the 08Jul07, ( Jen EE n Jeff QQ wedding anniversary )
in Dad's old school church, St Georges,
Bishop told me that naughty girls do not go to heaven, apparently there is no food there. Of all things this caught my attention!
So I prayed real hard with all my might, that Jesus will save me and bring me to the land of plenty... of food
Watch the hair-do bishop!!! Blessed with Holy Water and cleansed...
I was waiting for the promise to be fulfilled......
Dressed in my cousins' christening gown which big EE kindly borrowed me; with my Godma, Monica
I smiled to hear Godpa Daryl wish and prayers have been answered

Duck rice and dim sum at Phong Mun Low!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Father's Day at the beach

For Father's Day!! Dadee took me to Tutong beach... forgive the pink tutu frill skirt.. meant to cover my thighs. You like the tee-shirt we gave him to match me..

Arrrrggghhhh need sun glasses... tooo bright. Lucky Ntie glo got me the safety 1st chair so that I could sit and play with the sand.Can u see my bottom teeth coming out??
Daddy in the tent with me.... helping me to eat... opps sis I say eat sand...
Nana took me splishing and splashing into the water. It was fun! My hat got in the way of my view so mum had to tie on the `good morning towel' for the biker look. Dunno why everyone rushed out of the water when nana went into it... Mmmmmmmm water sure taste's salty!!

The requisit red Indian look after my nap....

Hmmm what is a beach picnic without my jagung bakar (roasted corn).... WHAT!! m just chilling out with Ntie Rosnah...

Sunday, 10 June 2007


Hi all, its been a busy busy month. We had mother's day with nana, ntie Angeline and mum in Phong Mun, which was my first full on karaoke. Dunno why all these ppl are grinning at a camera.. they miss the point... ehh helliu ... pay attention THE CAKE *duh

June - busy celebration month. Happy shared B'day to Ntie Glo ( *may all your teeth fall out before you arrive and bite my thighs ) Cheers
and also to my beloved little Ee ( Javier's Momee ), Jennifer... Hats off to you on Hari Gawai (1st Jun)
and not forgetting on the 4th, was my personal fitness trainer, Khung Khung; I admire so much that I `set' my hair to please him
then on the 5th, it was my Big EE in australia's Bday.... Cheers
Daddee and Momee went off to the U.S without me *sulk and apparently had a good time in Colorado, Vegas and San Franscisco with the Rangis *pout.
So I spent most of my time with My Nana and developed quite a sense of style, can u see my first experience with nana's earrings
At least I have a new wardrobe from dadee ( bought me 6 pairs of nike shoes ) and a whole suitcase of cloths ... sure beats the first few months where it was white white or white... I feel very grown up in this dress.. mum picked.. the words says it all!
It took 9 months for me to look this good
My favourite so far ( very *ahem glamorous) is this ballerine onesie with the frill sleeves but I am so obsessed with the toes.. my toesie wowsies in a silk ballerina slippers!

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Food Fetish

I lerve homecook meals

I lerve garlic naanI lerve my maggi noodles ( just like my cousins in U.S and OZ)I

Can you tell I am a happy happy messy messy girl who has a bad case of food fetish and loving it!

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Speedy Shania

Herow everyone!! Whilst momee was away in HK, nana got me my first pair of wheels... so I have been working on my thunder thighs.
I make fun of those without wheels. <>

I sneer at the slow pokes and shove the `road blocks' away.
It suits me to a `T' coz I am now a licensed toe and shin killer on wheel. Since I have been exercising non-stop; I am extremely streamline and my six month update:
weight : 7.6kg

( only 0.6kg since my 4 mth check up )
head circumference : 41cm

( a petite 1cm rounder - they still exclude double chins and cheeks)
Height : 66cm

( 2 cm from last time - note length anymore coz ahem one is now vertical and not so horizontally challenged)

Thursday, 5 April 2007

March along people!!

Hi all, it certainly has been a busy busy month for me. My nana and khung khung are back in town so I am receiving all the attention at the moment. Hmm lemme put on my thinking cap....Anyhow.. let me tell you whats new, mum discovered that I was ready for food ( glorious food ); when she was hungry and wanted to eat a bun. I was sitting facing out on her lap, when she held the plastic bag with her left hand and started opening it with her right. NATURALLY I homed in and firmly attached my mouth to the bun she was holding... oni one little problem; she had opened it half way...

She tried wrestling it away but my suction power prevailed!! I chomped on it happily whilst mum panicked ( coz nana was nearby )

Anyhow I absolutely love the standing carrier that ntie gloryahh bought for me

so i eat

and loving it, can you tell?

It got so messy, daddy bought me a high chair which I love and
so i eat and eat
absolutely love my high chair, and the t-shirt from my big ee in australia says drama queen!

Who me?

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Kong Xi Fatt Chai

4 month update:
Weight : 7kg ( from 6.49kg)
Head circumference : 40cm (from 38.5cm)

Height: 64cm (from 58cm tall)

My `blur’ and confused face; when mumee was telling me about Chinese New Year and saw all the lanterns and decorations hanging around the house. Funny shoes Me trying to mimic n-tee fei..saying Kongsi Kongsi

My `cheeky’ face; when dadee was explaining to me about ang pow theory. Now this I understand!! $$ to buy MILK!!

Only then was I cooperative, so here is me… mumee teaching me the kongsi kongsi hand motion… dadee teaching me to keep the eye on the ang pow.

My `what about me?!’ innocent look; Dadee taught me this classic pose if the ang pow was not moving in my direction.

Had great fun with the lion dance in chie chie Jenee’s place. Hmmmm this is really not fair... not only is this lion bald it even has a person in his mouth…. And momee is on MY case about a few fingers and a thumb!! hurrrmpppphhhh

February Update

It's been a busy busy time with mum being back at work and chinese new year! Here's the highlights for my feb... had a baby conference with Javier where I taught him about the joys of finger licking and sucking.

Had a good dim sum session with mumee and dadee at Phong Mun; refused to sleep in the car seat; but fell asleep on mum's ample thigh.

I was not happy about everyone tellling me not to suck my fingers; so I kicked up a fuss telling everyone.... my fingers... my choice hurrrrumppppphhhh

But Dadee gave mum and me flowers for valentine's ... so sweet

Shawn's GalssssDadee and his little bu-lan .... or mu-lan but if u look closely, I look more like Chien-Po from the Mulan movie